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 We are contracted by your local Fire Department to put together their life saving magnetic fire safety guides. They are a one sided 8 1/2 by 11 full color dry erase Magnet. The top half is advertisements from local businesses. The bottom left has Non-emergency numbers & a nice space to write notes & memos! All magnetic fire safety guides come with a dry erase pen attached . The bottom right has Maintenance & Fire Safety Tips to stop house fires & keep your loved ones safe. The fire department pass them out free of charge at Fire Safety awareness Programs & Community events they participate in . They will be displayed in homes & businesses throughout the community. Everyone wins the Fire Department can continue to better educate the Community & Businesses owners get cost effective long term exposure & can be proud to say they made a difference. The whole purpose of the magnet is to help save lifes & provide local businesses with cost effective long term exposure. Lets keep family and loved ones safe. 


Please Follow along with the Maintenance & Fire Safety tips displayed on the on the bottom right portion of the Magnetic fire safety guide


 These Magnets have helped saved many lifes & will guarantee your Family, Friends & Community a better outcome regardless of the situation


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